You can use Turkish Bath/Hamam/steam bath for the group and individual therapy.
Tepidarium will prepare you perfectly for other baths and massages!
Phyto-steam barrels from Altai cedar (2 barrels next to a large pool) will allow you to relax in a soothing and healing couple from medicinal herbs. This procedure is good for those who do not like to inhale hot steam in the baths.
VIP SPA apartment will give you the chance to invite your loved ones to share relaxating massage, bathtub and other VIP services
2 Finnish and 1 infrared saunas will help you to relax and unwind !
An alternation of barrels with hot and cold water will charge you with the incredible energy of youth!
Salt room ensure therapeutic effect for people with lung and respiratory problems, skin and mental illness
Various types of jaccuzzi – large, individual, in VIP SPA apartment and outdoor - will charge you with energy and take back your negative one.