spa programs

All guests of the aparthotel enjoy free SPA zone 1 - swimming pool, children's pool, sauna, gym.
Spa zone 2 - tepidarium, infrared sauna, steam bath, hamam, Turkish bath, shock bucket, shock barrels / furos / are additionally paid by:
guests of the aparthotel - BGN 20 per 1 visit per day
other guests - 25 leva per 1 visit per day
other guests - 60 leva for 3 visits
other guests - 170 leva for 10 visits

Order celebration fo the Birthday party with us in the SPA Center and get special gifts for women and girls.


  • 7 Steps to Positive Thinking
• consultation with a psychologist (at your option - group or individual)
• SPA treatments
• Aqua programs
• Walking in the mountains
• Fitness programs at your option
• Participation in cultural evenings

  • 7 Steps to Your New Vision / Rejuvenation Programs /
• Psychological aspects of aging
• Positive attitude towards life
• Body procedures
• Detoxification
• Aqua-energy / aromatherapy, wrapping, hydromassage, fitness programs / aquabaking /
• Hiking in the mountains
• Massages

  • 7 steps to say 'NO' to burn-out / anti-stress programs
• Signs of chronic fatigue and "burning" (consultation with a psychologist at your option)
• Relax programs
• Aqua programs
• Medical sleep
• Aromatherapy
• Fitness programs
• Spa-kitchen with herbal teas

  • 7 Steps to Understanding - "Mother and Daughter" (min 7 days)
• No starvation + weight loss with SPA menu (more meals with weight loss)
• Swimming + AquaBiking
• Fancy programs
• Massages
• Hiking and cycling or skiing
• Checklist and regulations

  • 7 steps to the beautiful YOU
• Positive attitude towards life (consultation with an optional psychologist)
• Relax programs
• Fitness programs
• SPA procedures (face and body procedures and massages)
• Aqua programs
• Cosmetic cabinet services
• Choice of cosmetics by individual program

  • 7 steps to energy «recharge» / for physically prepared /
• Positive attitude towards life (consultation with an optional psychologist)
• Fitness and sport (visit fitness hall, table tennis / volleyball / basketball / badminton, tennis enthusiasts, rebound net, ski, snowboard, bicycle)
• Swimming, aqua-biking
• Masseuse
• Hiking
• Hiking in the mountains with guides

  • 7 steps to 'slow life'
• Consultation with a psychologist at your option for a slow life concept and development of an individual program
• Relaxation programs (yoga, meditation, etc.)
• SPA procedures and massages
• Aqua programs
• Hiking in the mountains
• "Slow Food"
• Collective events within a program

  • 7 senses / mind-body-spirit /
Yoga, Tai Chi,
Meditation (in case of a good weather in the mountains),
Aqua-aerobics, aqua-biking,
Special menu (optional SPA menu option)
Mountain hiking

• Super teenager (program for girls) - includes fitness, spa and beauty treatments, consulting with a psychologist at option
• Lovely youth - includes fitness, spa and beauty treatments
• You and me - a program for both (visit SPA center, including massages for both, fitness programs)
• Wonderful pregnancy (program for pregnant women) - includes yoga, massages, swimming, cosmetics
• Godness has no age (40+) - includes services of SPA center, massages, a positive attitude course (consultation with psychologist at your option), * Mountain hiking
• Anticlimax programs - includes a course on positive attitude towards life (consultations with a psychologist), SPA center services, massages, mountain walks, cosmetics selection
• Rejuvenation programs (55+) include a positive lifestyle course (consultation with a psychologist), SPA center services, massages, mountain hiking, cosmetics choice